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"About the plugin"

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Post subject: What is the plugin?

We all know that RavenNuke is a safe, secure and easy to use CMS but what was lacking was responsiveness. The plugin (right now) isn't 100% complete but it will get better with each release. This is Version 1 for RN 2.51 (PHP5) or RN 2.52 (PHP7).

My aim is to make RN HTML5 compliant with W3C standards and Responsive without the use of any elaborate products such as Bootstrap. Just simple CSS3 is all that's needed.

There are no database changes. Simply unpack the .zip file and upload the files to your RavenNuke Root directory overwriting the files there. BE SURE TO BACKUP YOUR FILES FIRST.
   Posted: Tue Jan 08, 2019 4:50 am

"About the plugin"

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